CS 1.6 torrent download

This is non-steam WarZone Counter Strike 1.6 install. Torrent file includes one RAR archive. Client itself has all original maps, a few extra, like cs_max and others to instantly connect to servers. Find servers function works perfect and finds over 1000 games. CS 1.6 torrent download is great way to share the game with your friends – you don’t need to seed it all the time because we have auto seeder.

Download links

In case torrents link is not working (that could be if server is too busy, reached downloads limit or file expired) try downloading Counter Strike 1.6 directly in WinRAR package from counteris.lt server or try to refresh the page.

Download torrent or download cs 1.6 directly.

How to run Counter Strike 1.6 from torrent?

As mentioned before, the download only contains one archive. You don’t need to install it, just download & extract to your desktop or any other destination. There are a default shortcut “Counter-Strike.exe” to launch cs. This patch should work on the most of the operating systems, starting with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, even Linux and MAC OS. Also don’t forget to remove “read only” from config.cfg file if you want to change your game configurations like player name.

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