CS 1.6 Download Setup

Non Steam Counter Strike 1.6 download on counteris.lt is free and we offer direct or torrent mirrors. Light game RIP from the original Steam package is uploaded to our server to guarantee the fastest CS 1.6 download. This V48 patch is with bots, clean, not modified, only some custom maps like de_dust2_2x2 included, so you don’t need to get them later. Also, we have master-server in current install to instantly play in dozens of Non-Steam servers. Also by downloading this Counter-Strike client you automatically get V.I.P. features on all our servers for free. Read more about Counter Strike 1.6 on the original wikipedia page or download cs 1.6 now.

Size: 176 MB

Install process: to install game use: Counter-Strike 1.6-original.exe
After install run game from desktop icon
Change nick use in game-console: setname “your name”

Download Links

Direct download Link
Torrent download Link

Counter Strike 1.6 Download Environments

Players can download original release for MACOS X, Linux, and Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 operating systems on Steam. Because CS 1.6 is not popular anymore, there are no working Non-Steam cracked install alternative for other OS’es. Luckilly, MAC or powerful Linux PC can run game through emulator. You almost can’t feel the difference if your machine is good enough – great performance, high FPS and no lag. We have written separate tutorials like how to download cs 1.6 for mac that you can find above in the navigation next to CS 1.6 Download for Windows 10 and Linux.

Download CS 1.6 with tons of features

Download Counter-Strike 1.6 setup patch with slowhack protection, i.e. rewriting configs or changing other game files. Singleplayer fully works with bots (zBot package) for offline experience. Also it is binded with WarZone client and masterserver (to find servers online). Unlike others, with this install you will be able to use various CS 1.6 Hacks and Cheats, because we don’t block them. Download CS 1.6 free 2018 version with all features included now! Pack size is only 176 MB so you will get your downloads in 5 minutes.

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