Download CS 1.6 for Windows 10

Counter Strike 1.6 download for Windows 10, 8, 7. This version is compatible with all Win operating system updates. Patch is ripped from the last CS 1.6 Windows 10 Steam upload.

A lot of game installs can’t run on Windows operating system (x84) or crashes as soon as installation is started. To avoid this we extracted install and compressed it on .rar folder. This way users don’t need to deal with this problem. Also decompressing WinRAR is much faster and takes less space.

Counter-Strike gampelay

The game itself does not change from the original one. Zbot package lets to have fun at singleplayer and advanced servers list lets to play with other players on multiplayer mode. We have added custom maps such as cs_max, de_dust2_2x2, quake sounds (only available in servers with enabled QS) and other modifications, like zomibe, gungame, gunxp public packs, but that didn’t affected download size at all. To sum up COUNTERIS Counter Strike 1.6 client is not heavy modified and gameplay is original.

CS 1.6 V48 patch download

Current cs 1.6 download package support p48 (non-steam) so you could connect to STEAM servers using dproto. CS 1.6 v48 patch a.k.a. original is the most compatible for online gameplay and windows 10.

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