How to download CS 1.6 for Linux?

To play Counter Strike 1.6 on Linux OS you need to download the game installation, but it seems that only legit CS 1.6 Linux install is on Steam market. Of course we have a free solution way, which is not so simple as buying the original CS 1.6.

So, the easiest way to run Counter-Strike on Linux operating system is using Windows emulator. You can get one by browsing software & download center if you’re running advanced desktop OS. CS 1.6 with emulators will work only on Ubuntu, Debian distributions like Mint, Kali and other. Coming back to Win emu, the most common is Wine HQ. If you can’t find this on your downloads center, there’s a download link below the tutorial.

Counter Strike 1.6 install

Once emulator is ready, the next step is downloading Counter-Strike 1.6 install. Basically you only need to get setup for Windows. We recommend download CS 1.6 from or WarZone, because we have lightweight, clean and installation-free game. The links are below. Also, take a note that system requirements are higher as usual and game can sometimes lag sometimes.

Running the game

Now if everything is set up, the last thing to do – run the Counter Strike 1.6 on Linux. Launch WineHQ, set environment to Windows XP or 7 in settings and double-click the Counter-Strike.exe in your downloaded folder on install any other CS 1.6 patch if you have downloaded it from somewhere else. In conclusion – complete all these steps and play CS free or purchase it from Steam store in a few minutes and play on all your devices at any time.

Download links

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